Club helping improve towing safety

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Club helping improve towing safety
A new All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) that includes input from Club representatives has been launched to raise awareness of trailer and towing safety in the UK.

The Trailer and Towing Safety APPG has appointed the National Caravan Council (NCC) as its secretariat and will also be working closely with the National Towing Working Group (NTWG), in which the Club is also very actively involved.The group’s Chairman, Karin Smyth MP, said: “The launch of the APPG is a hugely significant step towards protecting road users and pedestrians. It gives the issue the attention in parliament that it deserves and paves the way for changes needed in the area of safe towing over the coming months and years.”The Club’s Technical Team will be closely involved with the work of the NTWG and the newly-formed APPG to ensure the interests of those towing for leisure are considered. 

DAVID GUEST | 21 May 2019