London to become National Park City

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London to become National Park City
London is set to become the world’s first National Park City following a successful campaign to celebrate the huge numbers of parks and green spaces it has.

There will be a host of community events and opening ceremonies held around the city in the weeks and months leading up to a National Park City Festival from 20 to 28 July.The ceremony will include a free programme of music and drama performances celebrating all things green and wild about London at famous venues such as the National Theatre River Stage on the South Bank; special access to some of London’s most dynamic rooftop gardens; and the running of London’s first multi-site outdoor swimming and paddle sports event.You can learn more about the event and what being a National Park City will mean for London online here. You can also camp within striking distance of the city centre at Chertsey, Walton-on-Thames or Theobalds Park Club Sites – find them at 

DAVID GUEST | 23 May 2019