10 Family Benefits of Camping

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Whether you stay in a cabin, lodge, camper van or tent, camping has amazing health, mental, physical and social benefits!

I must be honest, camping has had some sort of stigma surrounding it for some time. But nowadays camping doesn’t mean roughing it. These days you can grab a pitch which even has electricity supply. (personally, I perfect the old fashioned approach with none). It took me some time to convince my family to try it but now as a family well will make six or seven trips a year. (I do more solo camps too, but that’s because I’m the head Squirrel and test all of our products personally)

After doing it a few times, you will realise that the days of no toilets or showers and concerns of insects everywhere are a thing of the past. It’s not until you get out there that you really understood its magic and benefits as a family.

So what are the Family benefits?

Promotes Family Bonding

What’s a better way to connect as a family than being out in the middle of the woods or close to a beach? Through the experiences of camping, families learn to work together, and problem solves to have a fun and successful camping experience. It’s also an excellent time for kids to learn from their parents and develop a higher level of respect.

Increases Self-Confidence

Putting up the tent, starting a fire, cooking a meal; these are all activities that, once completed successfully, can help kids (and adults) build self-confidence. In fact, camping is often used to help children and teens develop greater self-concept and self-worth. In fact, a program I used to work with for at-risk teens, took the students on a camping trip at least once a year to help them develop survival and life skills that helped build their self-confidence. When kids are confident, they are more likely to be successful in the future!

Encourages an Appreciation for Nature

How can you not appreciate nature when camping? Some campsites offer views that are breath-taking and inspiring. Without television, electronic devices and even electricity, we can learn to take in all the sights and sounds of nature. We appreciate its beauty and wonder. In turn, we care more about protecting it!

Camping gives families the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and wonder of nature!

Enhances Problem Solving Skills

Camping requires a great deal of problem-solving from the very moment you arrive at the campsite. Families have to learn to properly pitch a tent, so they stay dry and safe, start a fire so they are warm and can cook meals and, of course, you can’t get lost in the woods, so someone has to figure where to walk and how to make their way back to the canvas home. Other camping activities such as fishing, hiking, kayaking and a good old-fashioned game of tic also involve problem-solving skills!

Fosters a Healthy Lifestyle

Studies have shown that outside improving health, physical and mental. Also, being relaxed and forgetting about the worries of the world, can also help a person improve their physical health. Lastly, camping, without doubt, involves some type of exercise, and we all know that being physically active help improves both mental and physical health!

Exposure to Scientific Concepts

Science is everywhere in nature! When camping, kids learn about various plant life as to not get a rash or eat a poisonous berry. Campers also learn about what different plants and trees look like, what they need to survive and what animals eat them. While camping, campers are also exposed to astronomy as they gaze at the stars at night. Going fishing while camping? Then you will also learn about the world of ichthyology, the study of fish! Lastly, you can’t make a fire without using science. You have to understand the science behind chemical reactions if you want a long-lasting fire!

Camping is a great time to explore nature and learn various scientific concepts!

Increased Self-Awareness

What’s a better way to learn more about yourself than roughing it in the great outdoors? First, you will determine if camping is for you or not. Next, you find out what kind of camper you are: a tent, trailer or cabin. Then you find out what you are made of. Can you put up a tent, collect firewood, build a fire, cook over an open flame or make it through a 3-hour hike in the woods? You discover that you can do more than you ever thought possible.

Exposes People to New Challenges and Adventures

Campsites and surrounding areas are often full of outdoor adventures and challenging activities. From rock climbing to bass fishing to ropes courses to mountain biking, you are sure to find a new experience that will test your strength and endurance! Trying new challenges helps people build self-confidence and self-esteem. Whether you succeed or not, you can be proud of yourself for trying!

Fishing is one of the many adventures you can experience while on a camping trip!

Creates New Friendships

Many may think that camping is just the family in the woods, all alone! That is often not the case. Today, camping can be a community of friends and family enjoying a common interest. Often times, campers congregate around each other’s tents or campfires and share fun stories. Not only do parents make new friends but so do the kids. Last summer, my friends met new people while camping. This year, they planned a camping trip together. Camping not only brings on new experiences but new friends too!

Allows Families to Relax, Unwind and De-Stress

There are so many pressures in life today, for adults and kids. From working to getting good grades to paying the bills to taking standardised tests, everyone feels a little anxious during the year. Camping can help families relax and unwind. They can put down their phones and textbooks and just concentrate on having fun. Kids can play without any worries and parents can relax, or engage in a new adventure. Being able to de-stress can help increase productivity when returning to work and school!

So there you have it, 10 benefits of camping!

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